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Candlestick holder (2020)
Candlestick holder (2020)
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Glazed Ceramic 2020

14.5cm wide x 37cm tall

'The traditional dye I use in my work is from the tuitui candlenut tree, collecting the soot to make the ink really black. I harvest while i am in Niue and make a small fire in a roasting dish to collect soot from a sea track in the village of Liku where my grandparents were born.' - Cora-Allan Wickliffe

Cora-Allan Wickliffe (Maori, Niuean) - Ngapuhi, Tainui/ Alofi, Liku, is a multidisciplinary artist of Māori and Niue descent, originally from Waitakere. She has recently returned to Aotearoa after working at the Walter Phillips Art Gallery in Banff, Canada. Her work often explores and examines constructed representations of Indigenous people and is always developing new ways of creating preferred representations. Cora-Allan has worked in the creative industry as a Curator, Preparator, Photographer, Artist and Educator. In 2013 she completed her Masters in Visual Art and Design from AUT, also receiving an AUT Postgraduate Deans award for her research and excellence. She is the Curator and Exhibitions Manager at the Corban Estate Arts Centre, is a founding member of BC COLLECTIVE and is a maker of Hiapo (Niuean Barkcloth).