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Satin Bonnet (Teal) by SS.MURCH
Satin Bonnet (Teal) by SS.MURCH
Satin Bonnet (Teal) by SS.MURCH
Satin Bonnet (Teal) by SS.MURCH
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There weren't many options here when I was looking for a bonnet for my hair, so I thought I could make my own.

Satin bonnets protect your hair while you sleep and are suitable for all hair types!

Colour: Teal
21CM circumference 71CM straps Machine washable with a wash bag with like colours.
Satin Fabric

About the Artist - SSMURCH

Shiloh Sagapolu is the artist behind SS.Murch. She has a background in illustration, and has recently completed a Certificate in Apparel and Fashion Technology. She is of Samoan descent (Pata, Ulutogia, Lalomanu, A’opo). Shiloh grew up in West Auckland and is inspired by generational references and observations of daily life such as her No face x Mi goreng illustration. She enjoys the entire creative process, from envisioning concepts, research to production of final work.