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Faitau Pi: The Samoan Alphabet
Faitau Pi: The Samoan Alphabet
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Faitau Pi: The Samoan Alphabet

O Lenei tusi e faʻapito Mo alo ma fanau a Samoa.

This book is dedicated to the children of Samoa.

This book is imagined by Deseineur and Jimmi Sivia with illustrations by Dalcetta Palepale 

Help your child learn and read The Samoan Alphabet laid out within sturdy pages, surrounded by beautiful artwork.

6"x 6" board book with QR code linked to an audio version.



While Pepe Faitau Book Co. was born with the intention of creating board books for our children to help them learn the Sāmoan Language, it has become so much more than that. Through this process we have met incredible Pasifika artists and businesses. We want to create resources for early learning as well as curate a collection of beautiful artwork from different artists within the Sāmoan community. Working in education, it has become more and more apparent that beautiful materials are more engaging and interesting for our little ones. 

MISSION (why we exist): We are the very first Samoan board book company. We aim to create a beautiful and thoughtful collection of Gagana Sāmoa board books for every pepe.

VISION (where we are headed): We are dedicated to amplifying the Sāmoan culture through language and art to help keep Gagana Sāmoa alive for generations to come.