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'Liveable Incomes for All' AAAP Fundraiser Tees.
'Liveable Incomes for All' AAAP Fundraiser Tees.
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'Liveable Incomes for All' AAAP Fundraiser Tees.

We are proud to support Auckland Action Against Poverty through their 'Livable Incomes for all' fundraising t-shirts designed by Emily Parr. These shirts join our line of Kaupapa T-shirts with 100% of proceeds from sales going straight to the kaupapa they support.

Auckland Action Against Poverty is a direct action, advocacy and education group mobilising against the neoliberal agenda on jobs, welfare and poverty.

'AAAP believes in Liveable Incomes for All - that means still having enough to do what you love after all your essential bills have been paid. We're calling on the government to increase benefits in recognition that everyone is of value, irrespective of whether they're in paid work or not. AAAP is funded by small community grants and all the wonderful people who send us regular donations because they believe in our work. All proceeds from these Liveable Income tees will come to us so that we can continue fighting to eliminate poverty in NZ.' - Brooke Fiafia

To find out more about the awesome and important work the do and to check out their website here: https://www.aaap.org.nz/

Sizes Small to 4XL are screen printed on mid-weight ‘staple’ style AS colour cotton T-shirts in black.

Size 7XL is screen printed on heavy-weight ‘loafer’ style Cloke cotton T-shirts in black.